Slackware Linux 12.2 on Dell Optiplex computer with 256 meg ram

This shows how slackware boots up, KDE performance and also Youtube video playback. I like slackware because it boots to the command line and does not try to camouflage it like other distros can.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Part 2.. Slackware: Good Slackware install guide (outdated but same principles) XFCE Ambience theme: Slackware handbook: Clarification: I forgot to mention (not to mention run out of time) Slackpkg, which is another inbuilt program for remotely fetching binary packages. I personally just use…it’s not the only way of doing things.

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  1. willieterry91 says:

    On the google search page, “I don’t have youtube in the favorites, guess I’ll just type it in here.” You had google open. Google that shit.

  2. linuxrobotdude says:

    @merkur32123 I was thinking the same thing when he said it gets hidden.

  3. merkur32123 says:

    One thing! In ubuntu (I used it a couple weaks, now i’m a debian sid-er), you need to type ‘$ sudo passwd’ to be able to use ‘su’

  4. legogamecreator says:

    Well chad I have a OptiPlex GX 400 with 1 gb of RDRAM and a Intel Pentium 4E (E for Extreme) it has a sweet graphics card and some other components that i will show

  5. tinofilipino says:

    I agree. LinuxMint is so much lighter and fancier. =) I hated ubuntu

  6. Jcc3279 says:

    I have a dell optiplex gx300 that is my spare computer in case my newer dell crashes or something because It served me well until I got my dell vostro 200 computer.

    Oh my old dell optiplex I has windows xp pro installed on it I bought it when it came out.

    Mine used to have windows 98 on it.

    But I upgraded the memory to 512mb when I installed windows xp.

    The dell optiplex gx300 can have a max amount of 1gb of ram.

    Just thought I should let you know that info.

  7. Raja221 says:

    ubuntu sucks try linuxmint its MUCH better than ubuntu in my opinion i left ubuntu a year ago for linuxmint

  8. 19FD89 says:

    I have Ubuntu 9.10 on my Laptop and it works great! What Ubuntu version did you use?

  9. ns9987 says:

    Those older optiplexs were so sweet.

  10. captainmcduche says:

    thanks for the informational video chad. the old dells are beasts and can put up with alot lol. what was that program you used again for ISO burning?

  11. themaritimeman says:

    Well, I tried Slackware for the first time today, version 11 on my old computer. I even managed to install the Opera web browser from a TAR.GZ package! I guess working with tarballs isn’t so hard after all!

  12. PinkSilverWolf says:

    where can i download that stuff

  13. TheGeek1028 says:

    From what I saw, it was a RIVA TNT2

  14. Maxxarcade says:

    I’ll have to try Slackware, it looks pretty cool.

    I bet it will fly on that Opteron if you try it on that soon.

  15. wildbilltexas says:

    What kind of video card do you have in this PC?

  16. retrochad says:

    Thanks Spats! I thought you might appreciate that background. It actually is on a “slide show” feature which changes to a different image every few minutes of so. I really was amazed how well the videos played even with so little RAM.

  17. bpmagruder says:

    The dell makers must have put a simmler kind of system in it than the other dells (I mean the rebooting performance).

  18. spatsbear2 says:

    hehe, nice desktop background.

    I’ve never tried Slackware Linux before… So far the only Distros I’ve messed with is Mandrake, Ubuntu, and Knoppix.

    The performance seemed really good on that PC. My Gateway 500Mhz Celeron with 256MB ram couldn’t even play YouTube videos last time I tried (back in 2007 or so.)

  19. spunker88 says:

    I have a similar dell with a P3 and 256mb ram. I use Windows 2000 on it and youtube plays great. About a minute from the time you press the power button until you have firefox loaded. It shuts down quick too.
    Linux is nice b/c its more up to date, but both oses are great for older systems.

  20. spunker88 says:

    It probably has a Pentium 3 anywhere from 700-900mhz according to google searches on that model.

  21. mastermind48451 says:

    You can boot to the command with any distro of linux, by choosing the runlevels.

  22. kaiyoshi2243 says:

    Y’know I’ve tried Linux… but… I know nothing about it and it was just too frustrating for me. So I just ended up going back to Winblows.

  23. themaritimeman says:

    So your one for Linux yourself, eh? I use SimplyMEPIS 6.5 (KDE 3.5) on my Compaq Presario 5360 – AMD K6-2 processor at 450 MHz and 256 MB of RAM.

    What does that Dell have for a processor? It’s running really fast compared to my Compaq!

  24. kmi187 says:

    Looking good. Slackware was the first distro I ever used, but i’ve been mainly on FreeBSD for my nix needs. Sure looks like they have been keeping up quite well.

  25. 123demaio says:

    You find Linux out performs windows .. I like tail of the fox . Our amagination keeps us going along with the cats.

  26. ElderSnake90 says:

    @nelfpriest Cool, thanks for the info :) I’m learning a lot just from the comments on these videos, lol

  27. nelfpriest says:

    sbopkg wasn’t made by the slackbuilds guys :) It was written by Chess Griffin, the person behind Linux Reality podcast, which ran in years 2006-2008. It’s slightly outdated, but it’s a good listen even now.

  28. mattsamudio says:

    @ElderSnake90 … no worries :) I’m actually happy to see some YT attention to slackware…

  29. ElderSnake90 says:

    @mattsamudio thanks for the info. I don’t remember whether I said slackbuilds were un-Slackware-ish or not (CBF re-watching my own video lol) but if I did I apologise, because I know you’re completely right. But at the time of making this video I was new to Slackware and may have had a wrong impression.

  30. mattsamudio says:

    oh, the other thing(s) to mention to those interested in checking slackware out is the official “Slackbook” (can’t put URLs in comments, but its slackbook . org) and the Freenode IRC channel ##slackware

  31. mattsamudio says:

    Dude, there’s nothing “un-slackware-ish” about slackbuilds – they are what the distribution maintainer(s) use to build the distribution software. Its just a script-driven build pattern/process.

  32. TubeHummingbird says:

    would be so better if he put a link for that wallpaper in description box :) .

  33. FeedbackMonitor says:

    Slackware is a good distro, though it requires thought and effort to maintain. They say if you use Fedora, you become good at Fedora. If you use Slackware, you become good at Linux. I tried all distros and would like to stick with Slackware and hope I have the patience for it. I like that package installer thing you showed and will give it a try.

  34. ElderSnake90 says:

    @Darkteammadfiz Well I don’t blame you, it’s certainly not for everyone and you do need to keep your mind on things and remember to check the dependencies you need and to install them etc. Still once I got used to it, it became like second nature really.

  35. Darkteammadfiz says:

    What I fear about Slackware is the package management :(

  36. ElderSnake90 says:

    @daeheadshot thanks for subbing and I’ll see what I can do about an install tutorial sometime, I’m pretty busy at the moment but we’ll see ;)

  37. daeheadshot says:

    Install Tutorial Please….

  38. ElderSnake90 says:

    @daeheadshot LOL ;) well me too really. I think that goes for most Linux users who use the command line lol

  39. daeheadshot says:

    Text scares me….. but at the same time turns me on :D
    Yeah i got problems, big woop wanna fight about it?(refrence) ;)

  40. ElderSnake90 says:

    @triplesquarednine exactly xD I’m thankful for Ubuntu and the likes being a starting point for me but I think the migration was inevitable ;-)

  41. triplesquarednine says:

    @ElderSnake90 Ya, I’ve tried the majority of distros too and also used Fedora as my main desktop for a long time. but as you would probably agree ~ a rolling release is a better way to go, if it’s done right, making Arch a great choice.

    I agree, the simplicity is key.

    i actually can’t even imagine going back to fedora, ubuntu, etc. it would be strange. lol ;)

  42. ElderSnake90 says:

    @triplesquarednine Thank you :-) Yeah I’m the same for the most part. I used to hop around all the usual suspects…OpenSuse, Fedora, Ubuntu and it’s derivatives, Gentoo and a couple BSD’s until I found Arch… probably the closest thing to a perfect distro for me. The exception is that I was so curious about Slackware being one of the oldest distros and I hadn’t tried it.. I’ve enjoyed it so much that at least for now it’s my secondary distro. I love the relative simplicity of both.

  43. triplesquarednine says:

    great videos. at the end where you discuss the benefits of tackling Slackware – i totally agree with. i think this is also true of any BSD, Gentoo and obviously Arch (as you mentioned). I used Slack years ago, it’s a decent distro if you like getting your hands dirty (which i do) but i don’t really distro-hop at all anymore… ever since getting into ArchLinux – i haven’t looked back.

  44. ElderSnake90 says:

    @TheLinuxsensei LOL! Yeah, that’s what I get for not actually timing it, it felt like I was recording for 10 mins but once I finished it said 27mins… I’ve learnt my lesson :P Anyway thanks for the kind words!

  45. ElderSnake90 says:

    @JinxXiWolf Thank you very much! Nice to hear from another Slackware user :) I may try Slapt-get sometime if only to experiment and see how it works but otherwise I’m pretty happy with Slackpkg and Slackbuilds so far and I may very well do more videos sometime soon.

  46. JinxXiWolf says:

    Great videos! I’ve been using Linux for 6 years and Slackware for the past 3 months or so. Now I can’t seem to get away from it. Slackpkg is great for upgrading your system, but I have yet to find a decent dependency manager. I’ve tried Slapt-get, but had various problems with it. Looking forward to more videos if you decide to do them!

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